INGEMCO – International Gemological Consortium Launching in India.


Diamond Jewellery Certification

Ingemco is an Internationally acclaimed ISO Certified Gemological Laboratory being Launched in India

which is World – known for its services towards the Jewellery Industry. They provide Certification of Diamond Jewellery all over India.

Ingemco will initially be focusing on the northern region of India for Gemological Assessment Services. With immense knowledge of Jewelry trade, Ingemco is poised to deliver commitment of quality services to Retail & Wholesale Jewellers across all classes from small Jewellers to Biggest Brands.

They are accepted for being reliable owing to their Ethics and the Transparency of their methods. Their Standards and protocols are at par with the best Labs Worldwide. Top – Notch Technology is woven with impeccable care to supply Best possible Certification.

Global Gem Holdings


Global Gem Holdings is an International Company that caters to the Gems and Jewellery Industry. With
Services related to Finance, International Trade, Gemstones, Diamond Jewellery and Scientific Research,
Global Gems is a well recognized Brand on the World level which primarily provides to Companies in
various Countries whose main focus of Business is Gemstones, Diamonds or Jewellery.
With experience established over many years, Global Gem Holdings has a predominant stronghold in
this sector and their various subsidiaries also impart similar services to their Clients.