Diamond Power board approves debt restructuring proposal

NEW DELHI: Diamond Power InfrastructureBSE zero.14 % lately same its board has approved a proposal for strategic debt restructuring (SDR) initiated by the banks.
“The board of directors of the company at its meeting continued July 21, 2016,.. has discussed and approved SDR proposal initiated by the banks,” the company same throughout a mad cow disease filing.

According to the statement, the board approved the invocation of SDR by lenders within the joint lenders’ meet continued June 29, 2016.

The lenders are going to be allotted shares that mixture to a minimum of fifty one per cent of the companies’ paid up capital.

The board to boot recommended to have an facultative resolution to shareholders within the twenty fourth AGM for empowering the board of administrators with suitable power to execute the transaction.

“The board to boot approved increase within the authorised capital of the corporate from Rs eighty large integer divided into seven.58 large integer equity shares of Rs 10 every and cardinal.41 100000 stock of Rs 10 every to Rs 2 hundred integer divided into nineteen.58 integer equity shares of Rs 10 and cardinal,41,500 stock of Rs 10 each ranking at associate degree equal rate altogether respect with the prevailing shares,” the company same at intervals the restrictive filing.

Blue diamond sells for $25 mn in New York

NEW YORK: A blue diamond from the South African mine known for contributing to nation Crown Jewels sold for quite $25 million in the big apple on weekday, Christie’s aforementioned.

The house aforementioned the Cullinan Dream was the largest Fancy Intense Blue sort diamond to go underneath the hammer ANd was snapped up by an traveler bidder for $25.4 million, as well as premiums
Christie’s aforementioned it’s the biggest of 4 blue diamonds cut from a 122.52 carat rough discovered in 2014 at the Cullinan mine northeast of Pretoria wherever the biggest ever rough diamond was unearthed a century ago.
The mine yielded the 530.20 Cullinan I, that is that the largest polished white diamond breathing and a part of the Crown Jewels housed at the Tower of London.
Thursday’s sale comes weeks when a dazzling blue diamond once owned  by Britain’s late mining magnate Philip oppenheimer fetched a record $57.5 million in Geneva.

Jewel auctions have seen a billowing price of precious stones, because the world’s ultra-rich invest in hard assets as a safeguard against stock exchange volatility.
The Cullinan mine is wherever a three,106-carat diamond was discovered in 1905. it was conferred to nation monarch King edward vii and hack, leading to gems forming a part of nation crown jewels.
They include the Cullinan I within the Queen’s Sceptre and therefore the Cullinan II, that is within the crown that nation monarch wears to the gap of parliament.

What is Global Business?

Global Business

Global Business


The topic of Global Business, the views of economists tend to differ from those of the general public. There are three principal differences. First, many no economists believe that it is more advantageous to Business with other members of one’s country or groups than with outsiders. Economists see all forms of Business as equally advantageous. Second, many nonconformists believe that exports are better than imports for the economy. Economists believe that all Business is good for the economy. Third, many nonconformists believe that a country’s balance of Business is governed by the “competitiveness” of its salary rates, tariffs, and other factors. Economists believe that the balance of Business is governed by lots of factors, including the one above, but also including differences in national saving and investment.

All of the economic theories of Global Business suggest that it enhances efficiency. Business based on comparative advantage should benefit smaller countries more than large countries. That is because the benefits of comparative advantage are proportional to the difference between the relative prices in world markets and the relative prices that would prevail in home markets without Business. Another benefit from Business is that it promotes dynamism and innovation within an economy. An economy that is closed to Business is one in which inefficient industries and laggard firms are well protected. Moreover, studies suggest that barriers to Business are a major cause of extreme underdevelopment. The countries that are most closed to Business tend to be the poorest in the world.